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Warehouse cleaning is an often under-rated aspect of efficient facility management. It’s a job that needs to be done correctly and as often as necessary to keep your workspace clean and safe at all times. After all, it pays to protect your investment through regular cleanings and general maintenance, rather than have to do major repairs down the line. At the same time, we know you don’t want warehouse employees to have to sidestep the cleaning crew while they’re trying to work.

Concrete floor cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland

Leave the Cleaning to Us

Warehouse floor cleaning Maryland

Our warehouse cleaning services are available for any sized industrial property and we can meet all your sanitation and safety needs. We will mechanically scrub your warehouse floors, wipe down walls and railings, and clean bathrooms and break rooms. We’ll attack those cobwebs in the rafters and sky lights, and wipe that dusty insulation on the walls. And we do more than just warehouse cleaning; we’ll also take care of basic maintenance.

We can set up weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly cleanings to meet your needs anywhere in the region. For those who prefer to do a regular upkeep rather than a full seal, we can even leave one of our high-tech concrete cleaning machines, a ride-on scrubber, at your facility for periodic cleanings. We maintain our own equipment, so you don’t need to worry about costly outlay for machinery or its maintenance.

We’re proud to offer warehouse cleaning services in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and the surrounding areas in Maryland.

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Advanced Facility Systems Will:

  • Pressure wash and power scrub floors
  • Clean dirt and dust from rafters
  • Wipe down walls and clean windows
  • Pre-treat any spillages on floors
  • Seal concrete floors
  • Remove all traces of oil and grease
  • Remove stains from floors and walls
  • Professional odor removal and deodorization
  • Remove paint spills and splatter
  • Apply low-maintenance, penetrating floor sealants or aesthetically pleasing topical solutions

  • Warehouse ceiling cleaning services

  • Warehouse shelving cleaning services

  • Ride-on and/or walk-behind auto scrubbing

  • Pressure washing and chemical de-greasing

  • Masonry and stone cleaning

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